A dying black mailman’s goal to win his local chess tournament is jeopardized when a young “shut-in” on his route rekindles troubling visions of his long-dead daughter, while around him his community simmers over a controversial Confederate war monument.

2021 Academy Nicholl Top 10%

2021 Page Awards Quarterfinalist

2020 Page Awards Quarterfinalist

2019 Page Awards Semifinalist

2019 Big Break Semifinalist

2019 Stowe Story Labs PAGE Fellow

2019 Coverfly Live Read Selection

Huge thanks for my November table read to Coverfly and director, Shaan Sharma and his team:
Laura Taylor, Bryerly, Spencer and Maddie, casting director Judy Bouley, and all the beautiful actors!

Here’s a comment from a Black List Reader:

“WHITE KNIGHT is one of those scripts that can really stay with a reader long after it’s over. For such an intimate world, with a character who lives so deeply inside his own head and feelings, it packs a massive emotional punch…

This kind of stunning character work and rich, naturalistic dialogue can be really hard to find. This is a small movie and will have the best luck with indie buyers, but first and foremost, it should be packaged with a great actor. Roles like Marlon are few and far between, and finding the best thespian before taking it to financiers will greatly improve the odds of this movie getting made. As a sample, it’s a strong showing and the writer will only improve with time and investment from representation.

Containing resonating subject matter involving race relations, this has potential to be a compelling drama that explores powerful themes about “facing mortality” and “changing things for the better.” Although it is unclear if there is big enough hook to attract audiences, the controversy surrounding Confederate statues is important and this project touches on the issue eloquently. Beyond this, since the story is driven by strong lead characters and involving relationships, it has potential to attract an appealing cast. As a side note, the writer is clearly a talent worth watching.”